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Anti-Tribalism Movement

Educate the Somali community about Tribalism that hinders them in accessing and meeting their needs in a holistic fashion through services designed through community consultation.


The Anti-Tribalism Movement (ATM) is a non-profit organisation which was established in 2010 in London by a group of young British-Somalis who wanted to tackle clan-based discrimination within tribal communities. The ATM does this by educating communities through workshops and raising awareness through campaigns on issues facing the global community in relation to tribalism. Since the establishment of ATM, we have amassed over 125,000 members who have vowed to challenge tribalism and champion our message in their respective communities.


Our vision is to live in a world without tribalism, we want to do this by challenging the mind-sets of those who use tribalism and compartmentalise how it has been detrimental to Somali communities globally. In addition to challenging the ideology of tribalism and raising awareness, the ATM wants to reconcile the differences between communities who in the past have been at conflict with one another. We also want to try to heal the wounds of the past by supporting communities in agreeing a path forward which is based on tolerance, mutual respect and unity.


We want to foster dialogue and action that will bring individuals and communities together from different clans, tribes, nations and religions. Through education we will empower young people to challenge the inherited prejudices that cause conflict and social instability. Through fundraising initiatives we will also invest materially in improving the lives of people in the Somali regions. Using our networks in the Horn of Africa and in the diaspora we seek to create leaders and ambassadors who are advocates for peace and development.


As individuals who have either experienced the Somali Civil War first hand or whose families were affected, we understand the devastation that tribalism and other forms of sectarianism can cause. Too many lives are still limited, controlled and even threatened because of these divisions. While celebrating the differences between communities we are aware of how these same differences can be manipulated and exploited for destructive purposes. With this knowledge, we create a free space for members to reflect on how tribalism has impacted their lives and how they can reframe their relationships with people from other backgrounds.


With a dynamic support base we have managed to spread the message of anti-tribalism from London to Mogadishu to Minneapolis. Our members are drawn from all segments of society and backgrounds and they have enabled us to combat tribalism over the last 5 years. We are eager to attract even more members and expand the breadth and depth of our work

Tel: 44203 5881 880