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Get Involved With Refugee Week

Refugee Week logo
Refugee Week logo

Refugee week will be held on the 20-26 June 2016 to celebrate, recognise and promote a shared understanding of why many people seek refuge in the UK. The whole initiative of refugee week is to encourage and inspire communities about the many contributions that refugees have made to society, both culturally and economically.

The theme for refugee week 2016 will be ‘welcome’ this theme will allow the public to broaden their perspective and to educate them on the many experiences that refugees have faced as well as the many positive attributes that they have brought to the UK.

One of the aims of this event is to try to dispel negative stereotypes and distorted views that mainstream media has associated with refugees. This event will help the public realise refugees are not a burden to society, a statistic and should not be looked down upon in a negative light.

As a result, bridging a gap between refugees and the public will not only create a platform in preventing hostile attitudes that many people have towards refugees, but will also help create a greater dialogue in understanding how to tackle issues.

Getting involved and organising an event will not only give the Somali Community a strong voice but will also raise awareness of the many issues and problems that refugees may experience through workshops, speeches and exhibitions.

If you are interested in setting up an event at your organisation click here or alternatively if you want to attend an event near you, please click here for more information.