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Spotlight on Member: Anti-Tribalism Movement - International Somali Awards 2017

The second year of the International Somali Awards, organised by Anti-Tribalism Movement, took place at Church House Westminster on Wednesday 15th of March. Celebrating the achievements of Somalis, the very well-organised event was positive,  and in line with its aims – raised aspirations and showed the best of Somali culture and Somali people. Attended by over 200 guests, and followed by thousands of others across the world through social media, the event provided an opportunity to recognise the achievements of Somalis, young and old, established and emerging, in Britain, Somalia, and elsewhere in the world. The public voted for selected candidates in a number of fields including business, entertainment, education, innovation, sport, and community work.    

The winners were

  • Business of the Year – Hass Petroleum
  • Best Entertainment Award – Ahmed Naji Sacad
  • Outstanding Educational Achievement – Ahmed Adam Roble
  • Innovation Award – Somali National Minnesota Museum
  • Sports Person of the Year – Mukhtar Ali
  • Outstanding Community Contribution  - Abdimalik Muse Oldon
  • Lifetime achievement Award – Dr Hawa Abdi

Praising the Somali community and speaking to the next generation, ATM’s director, Adam Matan, at the awards ceremony said that,

‘Somali people are vibrant, creative and proud […]. To realise our potential we need to celebrate the fantastic achievements and hard work of today’s role models.  We encourage the next generation to join us in taking inspiration from these role models and contribute to building a stronger Somalia.’

The Anti-Tribalism Movement was established in 2010 in London by a group of young British-Somalis who wanted to fight clan-based discrimination both in the U.K and in Somalia. Since then it has grown into an international force with over 130,000 members that are united in their mission to combat prejudice, tribalism and violence around the world. ATM’s vision is to live in a world where people are valued according to merit rather than tribe/clan linkages or identity.