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Spotlight on a Member Organisation- ESDEG

The Education and Skills Development Group

The Education and Skills Development Group (ESDEG) was set up in 2005 to address the needs of refugees and asylum-seekers from Somalia and the Horn of Africa who live in West London (Ealing, Brent, and Hounslow).

The needs that ESDEG are trying to meet include educational under-achievement and disaffection of young people; lack of integration particularly related to insufficient English language skills; unemployment; isolation of elders, women and single parents; and health needs, including mental health and drug misuse.

ESDEG's mission is to unlock the potential of people through quality education and training. ESDEG recognises that education is the key to social mobility. ESDEG aims to improve the quality of education among its service users. Some of the services that ESDEG is currently providing include:

  • after-school education sessions each week in Southall and Northolt
    (London Borough of Ealing) for deprived refugee children aged 7 - 16
    years, operating since 2006.

  • Saturday school at the Age Concern Centre in Harlesden (London Borough of Brent), working deprived refugee children aged 7 - 16 years living in
    Stonebridge and Harlesden.

    This is a photo of some of the pupils who benefited the Saturday Schools run by ESDEG

  • advice and guidance to refugee parents on issues including income,
    housing and health.

  • a Family-School Partnership Project that aims to empower parents
    and improve relationships with schools


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