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Spotlight on a Member Orgnisation- HAYA

Horn of Africa Youth Association (HAYA) was established in 2001 and is a leading African youth organization based in Hayes.  HAYA provides opportunities for positive engagement through recreational activities and provides advice particularly in relation to employment and training opportunities for young people. HAYA is dedicated to breaking down isolation and combating alienation and despair amongst young people and their families by supporting opportunities for their development.

HAYA aims to create an environment of friendship and belonging where young people can gain strength and power, collectively and as individuals, through creative learning.

‘’We aim to promote the benefits of young refugees and other disadvantage people, by working with local authorities, voluntary and other organizations in a common effort to provide facilities in the interests of youth social welfare with the objects of improving service users conditions of life”.

One of Haya’s unique projects is ‘Kick your differences and Enjoy the Diversity’.

“Kick the Differences and Enjoy the Diversity" is an idea that came from young people. Their idea was to use sports and learning as a common tool to integrate with the rest of the society. This project’s focuses on bringing together members of BAMER communities from Townfield, Hayes. During consultation with young people they identified several barriers preventing them from integrating with others from different backgrounds. These included insufficient language skills, a lack of confidence, cultural conflicts that have led to trauma, and a lack of local opportunities and knowledge. Young people, whom we consulted, suggested that having a combination of sports and learning programmes that are common to everyone would facilitate an opportunity to intermingle with other young people -- which would lead to improved community relationships and friendship.

This is a photo of some of the youths who benefited the kick your difference project

Rashid Jama, the Managing director of HAYA, believes that: ‘‘Our Children need a bit more support and I think we have been able to show them what there is for them.’’


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