Anti-Tribalism Movement

Shepherd's Bush, West London

Grant-making/capacity-building for BAME organisations, empowering women towards civic engagement, producing leaders, campaigns to counter discrimination, hate crime victim support & research to address structural barriers faced by by BAME groups.

Anti-Tribalism Movement

The Anti-Tribalism Movement (ATM) was founded in 2010 to fight tribe-based discrimination and inequality. Since then, it has grown into an international force with tens of thousands of supporters that strive to combat tribalism, violence, and inequality. As individuals who have either experienced the Somali Civil War first-hand or whose families were affected, we understand the devastation that tribalism and other forms of divisions can cause. Too many lives are still limited, controlled, and even threatened because of these differences. While celebrating the differences between communities we are aware of how these same differences can be manipulated and exploited for destructive purposes. With this knowledge, we create programs for our service users and communities to counter tribalism and inequality.

Our supporters are drawn from all segments of society and backgrounds and they have enabled us to combat tribalism and inequality over the last 11 years. We are eager to attract even more members and expand the breadth and depth of our work.

Today, the ATM is a well-established organisation with a reputation for being fair, visionary, and trustworthy. We have credibility with the wider black community (particularly those of Horn of African origin), grassroots minority organisations, donors, and policy-makers.