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Elays Network

Youth lead organisation with various projects for youth. If you're talented then Elays is your platform to excel.

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Elays Network is a not for profit organisation run by young people for young people. Elays aims to inspire the youth through skill enhancing projects and encourages the young to become role models, volunteers and productive members of society. Elays builds a platform for young adults who are starving for recognition and an opportunity to express themselves. We also support those vulnerable young people who aren't aware of their talents and not as eager to contribute to society. We provide interaction with the professional world; liaise with government, community groups and other organisations to ensure that their voices are heard and to promote positive images of the Somali community in the media. Although Elays welcomes young people from every ethnic background, our members are predominantly from the Somali community.

Anti-Tribalism Movement

Educate the Somali community about Tribalism that hinders them in accessing and meeting their needs in a holistic fashion through services designed through community consultation.

The Anti-Tribalism Movement (ATM) is a non-profit organisation which was established in 2010 in London by a group of young British-Somalis who wanted to tackle clan-based discrimination within tribal communities. The ATM does this by educating communities through workshops and raising awareness through campaigns on issues facing the global community in relation to tribalism. Since the establishment of ATM, we have amassed over 125,000 members who have vowed to challenge tribalism and champion our message in their respective communities.


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