Our Projects

We are working on a variety of projects to provide infrastructure support and guidance to Somali organisations. These projects include bid writing support, training and research.

Working Groups

Working groups are the powerhouse of the CSO’s membership, providing a way to organise participation by active members, information dissemination, responses to consultations, lobbying and representation of CSO at stakeholder and other meetings.

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Census Support Service

We’re working with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the Good Things Foundation to build a network of Census Support Centres who can support Somali people to complete the census online, ensuring everyone has the chance to complete the census digitally.

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My Life. My Rights.

The “my life, my rights” project is being funded by the postcode Lottery Trust, to provide a supportive platform for women to bring together their voices, skills, knowledge and visions for the future. This project will benefit marginalised women who will be more empowered to have increased confidence in dealing with harassment and discrimination.

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Mentoring at Schools

Council of Somali Organisation (CSO) has been running a mentoring project for the last 3 years to support Somali pupils achieve their potential. This Project’s site is Lampton School, Hounslow Borough; and the BBC funds it. We work with parents, teachers and the school leadership to help Somali pupils cope challenges that might come from the school, home and the wider community.

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