What We Do

CSO works directly with Somali led organisations and supports the wider Somali community in the UK by:

  • Providing a community hub that encourages and enables Somali led organisations to participate more effectively with the wider community.
  • Increasing, or coordinating, opportunities for members of the Somali community to engage with service providers and to enable those providers to adapt services.
  • Providing education and information to support and enable the Somali community and their children to succeed, both generally and in relation to their social exclusion.
  • Raising public awareness of issues affecting the Somali community.
  • Providing development support, forums, advocacy and general support to better meet the needs of the Somali community.

We represent the Somali community in relation to the following:

  • Policy, advocacy and campaigning at a regional and national level, on issues such as poverty, health, employment and education.
  • In relation to funders, understanding of their needs and membership of Funders Race Equality forums.
  • In relation to race equality issues, through our membership of various forums such as Hear Equality, Coalition on Race Equality and the Mayor’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Panel.
  • In relation to promoting religious harmony and understanding with the Board of Deputies (Jewish community), Muslim Council of Britain, Faith and Communities Workstream and the Church of England.

As members of CSO, organisations gain:

  • Access to Policy and Regulations Consultations
  • Access to Working Groups
  • Access to Networking Events
  • Access to Training
  • Advertise Events, Services and Vacancies on our website
  • Technical Support on a Range of Organisational Issues
  • Support and Guidance on Grant/Funding Applications