Research & Reports

CSO conducts research on many issues affecting the Somali diaspora in Britain. Through learning more about these issues, we are better placed to support our member organisations and the Somali diaspora. Here you will find a library of all of our research and that of others relevant to our work, which is available to download.

Why do we undertake research?

Research is the foundation of the work that we do. Through it, we can form opinions and make informed decisions on our strategic direction, as well as work to influence decision makers in governemnt and other areas of policy that affect the Somali diaspora.

The changing and challenging landscape within which the Somali diaspora live and work in Britain has meant that more research needs to be done to enhance our understanding of how we can improve the service delivery of our member organisations and more broadly the lived experiences of Somalis in Britain. 

We are currently researching the following: 

  • Somali Youth in the Criminal Justice System 
  • The Somali Community and their State of Health & Wellbeing
  • The Somali Community and their State of Housing 
  • The Somali Community and their State of Employment
  • The Somali Community and their State of Education 

CSO is always interested in collaborative research work and partnerships.  If you would like to discuss potential collaborative work, or have identified research areas that you think we should be exploring, please contact 


CSO Community Safety Guidance in Somali (English Guidance)

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COVID-19 in the Somali community: Urgent briefing for policy-makers in the UK

As Covid-19 spreads across the globe stirring up clouds of fear, death, and uncertainty, an unexpected and brutal vicious circle slowly comes into focus...

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Is Racism the New Normal? Hate Crime Report

Asha Affi of CSO says, ‘Somalis are a forgotten community as victims.’ This report aims to articulate their experiences of hate crime. We hope it will help the Inquiry to better understand what they suffer, understand similarities with other communities’ experiences of hate crime, and find ways to improve reporting rates and agency responses.

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Somalis and mental health: Raising awareness and developing interventions that improve outcomes

This report is based on a one day conference organised by Council of Somali Organisations 27/03/2017. Over 100 people participated, consisting of professionals and practitioners from health and health related areas.

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Somalis in the Criminal Justice System: A Scoping Study

Due to the lack of studies specifically focusing on Somali youths, they remain poorly understood in the criminal justice system (CJS) and are among the most understudied ethnic minority groups in the UK.

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Hate Crime

A response with partners to the Home Affairs Committee Inquiry.

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Somali Youth in the Criminal Justice System

With better understanding of criminal justice data and putting knowledge about what works in their communities to intervention programmes, Somali community organisations will be better able to exercise opportunity and influence.

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Somali Community and the state of Education

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Somali Community and the state of Employment

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Somali Community and the state of Housing

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Somali Community and the state of Health

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