My Life. My Rights.

The “my life, my rights” project is being funded by the postcode Lottery Trust, to provide a supportive platform for women to bring together their voices, skills, knowledge and visions for the future.

  • Ensure all strategies developed are based on a human and women’s rights framework
  • Offer women a leadership framework – what does leadership mean? Who are the leaders in their communities? How do I become a leader?
  • Support women to recognise their potential and to contribute to their communities, society and domestic life
  • Explore new creative ways of working positively with male-female relationships encouraging men to include and support women leaders
  • To allow working collaboratively with other women to identify common issues and challenges, in order to facilitate change at a regional level.
  • Aim to increase women's socio-economic participation in order to obtain better outcomes for women's personal development and the wellbeing of their families
  • Establish social and mentoring networks.

This project will benefit marginalised women who will be more empowered to have increased confidence in dealing with harassment and discrimination. This training can serve as a vehicle to educate and empower women in disadvantaged circumstances and be able to overcome the systemic obstacles created by factors such as discrimination or inequality. It also aims to provide women with an understanding of their potential as leaders. It will teach them a range of skills that will enable them to undertake positive and confident leadership roles within their communities. It will build the capacity and confidence of younger and older women to be agents of society. They are able to take active roles in the decision-making processes in their domestic and societal environment.

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