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Apply for Bid Writers Support

We have moved, 10 Manor Gardens London N7 6LA, new telephone number 0208 064 0161

Celebrating 10 years of CSO

We will be offering a free package of support for all our members, on a first come a first served basis, to assist with accessing funds by supporting and mentoring funding applications through a pool of bid writers.

The funding will cover 135 days of support in bid writing and dealing with budgeting/cash flows to document the impact of Covid-19 on organisations. We will be hiring a pool of bid writers in relation to the first aspect and also making available the services of an accounting firm to assist with the second aspect.

Each organisation must make individual requests on the Pro forma Work Plan and also the Pro Forma Financial Form:
Work plan
Financial form

Every organisation has initial allocation of 3 days of support (2 days bid writing and one day financial information support). There will be a Cab-Rank rule in place. We will also place a limitation on the allocation on a geographical basis of 50% to London based organisations and 50% to those in the regions.