Pan London, West London

You Press is an award-winning social enterprise based in London. Our projects empower young people (between 16-30 years old) and underrepresented communities to find their voice and be heard.


Our mission is to empower young people from underrepresented communities to find their voices and contribute to sustainable community development. From our formation, we have grown significantly in the sharing of expertise and wisdom.

Our initiatives incorporate elements of the creative arts, media and business training. To this date, we have grown a huge network of musicians, photographers, writers, trainers, educators, advocacy groups, theatre centres and hundreds of community activists. Through these partnerships, we share expertise and derive inspiration from the expertise of others.

An interesting fact about You Press is that our social enterprise started out as a social action campaign during the co-founders' daily commute from their diverse London boroughs. Each day they would contemplate how not only other young people from similar socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds but all young people, could gain more access, be included and contribute to mainstream British society. And so, You Press was born.