SIRAD (Somali Institute for Research & Development)

Northolt, Ealing, West London

It is an international development research organization in the public / private domain and is devoted to excellence research innovations and provides preliminary assessments, baseline, inception reports, M&E, PCM, PEA.

SIRAD (Somali Institute for Research & Development)

SIRAD (Somali Institute for Research & Development)

SIRAD is a non-governmental organization founded in the Netherlands, around the globe and in the conflict states in the Horn of Africa. It is an international research organization in the public / private domain and is devoted to excellence new research innovations and delivers a reliable data or advices to stakeholders. SIRAD has gained varied expertise in the analysis of the issues thrown up by the changing social and policy environment. The Institute's research and academic activities are organized under the following broad thematic areas: social infrastructure, economic development, political reforms and sustainability appraisals.

Our vision is to globalize thinking to the provision of feasibility studies, pilot projects and research methodologies on sectors of economics, social and policy development in general and in an itemized manner.

Our mission is to enhance knowledge exchange and to develop research methodologies through adapting extended network systems then formulate strategies to work with different specialist professionals, academia and partners around the globe in comparative and collaborative perspectives.

The main objective is to be able to deliver a reliable data based on fact and figures to a various multinational groups and enterprises around the world.  Above all its our core principle to give excessive attention towards supporting the residents in the post conflict areas, rural societies, urban poor dwellers, marginalized groups, refugees, immigrants, the internally displaced persons (IDPs) and fragile states. The main object of SIRAD remains to save lives and livelihoods of the people facing emerging humanitarian situation and livelihood crisis.

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